Dr. Clown Greeting Cards (Set of 6)

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  • Six different greeting cards! Friends, Happy Birthday, Stay Asymptomatic, Blank, Get Well, and Congratulations!
  • Professionally Printed in Canada - 5" x 7" cardstock with matching high quality blue envelopes!  



Outside:  You tested positive for being a great friend

Inside: I used a PCR test though



Happy Birthday

Outside: Happy Birthday

Inside: You survived another year.



Stay Asymptomatic

Outside: Blank

Inside: Stay Asymptomatic 


Get Well

Outside:  I heard you got a case of the 'Rona

Inside: If you are not better by the time you have finished reading this card, please get better soon.




Outside: Congratulations

Inside: You beat the odds.




Outside: Blank

Inside: Blank